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Hi, I'm John Doe. The-Stock-Market-Crash.com is my, very down-to-earth, personal website.

Of course, John Doe is not my real name! I prefer not to disclose my identity for now. Why so? Most website owners display pictures of themselves and family. Many times, they publish their full address and phone numbers too. While I do admire them for that, I probably wouldn't do that myself. Ever since the advent of the WWW, it has many times become a platform for gathering the identities of persons, which could be put to misuse. A person known to me was a victim of identity theft, and it took him several years and lots of effort to come clean. Hence, I'm erring on the side of caution here. Hope you understand this and take it in stride.

Besides, what really matters is that the information presented should be credible and of some use to the reader. I have over 12 years of experience in investing and trading in the stock market. I've been through the dot com and real estate bubbles - gained some, lost some, and will try my best to publish only such information that would bring at least some value to you, the reader. I have strived hard to present mostly my own real-life experiences throughout the website's content. Overall, a more grain, less chaff, sort of thing.

The main theme of the website should be quite evident from the domain name itself:

This website was created to provide information related to stock market crash, and more importantly, what steps can be taken to avoid getting caught in one. Also, some information on good ways to invest and trade during a stock market crash. Please bookmark the website and keep visiting to find more useful tips.

I have tried to keep the implementation aspect of the website to the simplest possible - good old html with a dash of css. Simplicity saves me time, and many times simplicity is also more appealing to the reader. The fonts, colors and backgrounds have been chosen to reduce strain on the eyes, to the extent possible. Left out those ads with serious animations. There are absolutely NO pop-ups or pop-unders on this website. I know I hate them, so would you!

Hope you enjoy browsing this website and sincerely hope you find the content to be useful. Please feel free to let me know your comments, suggestions, raves and rants using the Contact Us link.

Please also take time to visit the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

John Doe

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